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Merino Wool Clothing – Our Growers

We source our merino wool exclusively from Australian merino wool growers, expertly grown for our merino wool clothing.

Our growers are handpicked for their commitment to ethical production practices, sustainable land management methods and the softness, consistency and quality of their merino wool.

Get to know some our growers and learn about their approach to Australian merino wool production. 

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Australian Superfine Merino Wool – in our opinion; the world’s greatest natural fiber resource. But we’re biased of course.

Ethically produced fiber sourced from happy, healthy and productive animals bred with consideration for their natural environment, ensures a consistent supply of super sound merino wool for our production processes. 

Our fiber selection process starts at the farm with a strong  focus on animals living naturally; free from hunger and thirst, discomfort, pain, injury or disease. Animals that are able to express their normal behaviours and above all are free from fear and distress have continually produced for us amazing natural fibers.

Understanding where and how our merino wool fiber is sourced ensures our community has complete confidence in the end garments we produce. 

Learn more about this uniquely soft fiber and our selection processes. 

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  • Amazing Tassie Outdoors being enjoyed by Living Lab legend @amy.lamprecht .
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  • Take time to think, plan and to savour the pain of change, it’s in this pain that you can see clearly your goals and more importantly the strength that’s required to achieve them.
Quiet solitude and peace tend to be great friends.
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  • As we enter a new decade sometimes things need to change. Climate change never stands still, political environments get more unstable and our lives become busier. .
Stopping and redefining your life can be refreshing as well as challenging. .
Challenge yourself to focus on your real purpose it may be totally liberating!
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  • @lexparso doing what she does best, taking our new Ultralite Merino gear and giving it an extensive workout .
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