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Merino Wool Clothing – Our Growers

We source our merino wool exclusively from Australian merino wool growers, expertly grown for our merino wool clothing. Our growers are handpicked for their commitment to ethical production practices, sustainable land management methods and the softness, consistency and quality of their merino wool. Get to know some of our expert growers and learn about their approach to Australian merino wool production.  Learn more

australian merino wool fleece


Australian Superfine Merino Wool – in our opinion; the world’s greatest natural fibre resource. But we’re biased of course. Ethically produced fibre sourced from happy, healthy and productive animals bred with consideration for their natural environment, ensures a consistent supply of super sound merino wool for our production processes.  Our fibre selection process starts at the farm with a strong  focus on animals living naturally; free from hunger and thirst, discomfort, pain, injury or disease. Animals that are able to express their normal behaviours and above all are free from fear and distress have continually produced for us amazing natural fibres. Understanding where and how our merino wool fibre is sourced ensures our community has complete confidence in the end garments we produce.  Learn more about this uniquely soft fibre and our selection processes.  Learn more

merino wool cycling clothing