Merino Wool Basics

The Merino sheep, primarily found in Australia or New Zealand, produces Merino wool. These sheep have adapted to thrive in various climates, enduring scorching heat and freezing temperatures, resulting in the softest and finest fleece. Utilising advanced spinning technology and innovative fibre treatments, Merino wool surpasses cotton and synthetic materials in all aspects.

Merino wool is much finer and softer than regular wool

Some wools may be rough to the touch. When observed under a microscope, Merino wool is finer than traditional wool. It is not rough and has a soft and luxurious texture. Soft wools such as Merino or alpaca typically have a micron range of 17 to 23, while rough wool (e.g. used for school jumpers) measures 28 microns or more.

Understand the meaning and importance of a micron

The micron (µm) is the measurement of the diameter of a wool fibre. The lower the micron the higher the quality and the softer the wool is next to skin.

Board Merino wool ranges between (22.6–24.5µm)

Medium Merino wool (20.6 – 22.5µm)

Fine Merino wool (18.6–20.5µm)

Superfine Merino wool (16.6 – 18.5µm) 

Ultrafine Merino wool (14.6 to 16.5µm)


Merino garment weight measurement system

When using Bluey's Fabric Weight System, you'll find that each garment is conveniently labeled with its weight in the title. The numerical value corresponds to the fabric's weight in grams per meter square, allowing you to choose the level of warmth you desire with precision. Remember, the higher the number, the warmer the garment.

230 - 340 Heavyweight (ultra warm recommended for extreme conditions)

190 - 220 Mid-Weight (warm recommended for moderately cold conditions)

140 - 180 Ultralight (Light recommended for everyday wear, year round and layer)

100 - 120 Featherweight (So light you can barely feel it on your skin)


Bluey is insanely comfortable

Bluey's collection is made with Superfine and Ultrafine Merino wool from Australia. Our Merino garments offers incredible next-to-skin comfort because of our superior on-farm fibre selection processes and a constant obsession with softness. We produce some of the world’s softest next-to-skin fabrics in the elite performance range, verifiable for comfort by the AWTA Comfortmeter.

Merino Wool Benefits

Merino wool is the superhero of natural fibres. It keeps you cool when you are hot and warm when you are cold. It is a natural odour fighter and moisture manager. It is also a UV protector and fire resistant. But mostly, it is super soft, ultra-light and super easy to care for.

Less washing

Merino wool is resistant to wrinkles and great at fighting bad odours - it can actually absorb smell molecules, and only releases them when it's washed. This means no matter how hot it is, you'll feel fresh and odour-free all day long. And guess what? You don't even need to wash it after every wear. Simply hang it up in the open air and get ready to enjoy its freshness all over again the next day.

Wicking properties

Merino fibre draws moisture away from the body and transforms sweat into vapour, meaning you stay dry, comfortable and chafe-free for longer during physical activities. Merino wool has the capacity to absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture ensuring that even during the most intense activities you remain comfortable and dry.

Fire safe and durable

Merino is safe to wear near open fires (hello, campfire) and is highly resistant to combustion. For occupations and outdoor adventurers where being protected and safe from the perils of fire, look no further than lightweight 100% Australian Merino base layers.

Merino wool is an incredibly strong and durable fibre. It can be bent and flexed back more than 20,000 times without showing signs of stress, making it six times more resilient than cotton. Ideal for those who proudly rock their gear until it meets its ultimate end.

Protect your skin

Merino wool is a naturally high UV protector (50+ wow) and doesn’t leave your skin greasy. Super lightweight merino or merino blends when worn in high UV environments offer terrific natural protection.

Sensitive skin? Studies show that Merino wool garments remarkably decrease adult and baby eczema symptoms in comparison to other materials. This hypoallergenic material is gentle and kind to your skin. Look for our Ultralight selection.


Find out how Merino wool helps the environment. Check out Ethical and Sustainable