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Our Quality Over Quantity Christmas Gifting Guide

Our Quality Over Quantity Christmas Gifting Guide

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year again where we get to slow down and enjoy the company of our family and friends. But there’s one thing that also makes the holidays the most stressful time of the year: gifts. While gift giving is a fun and festive way to show our love and appreciation, it seems like every year the competition is amplified for who buys or who receives the most gifts, rather than meaningful and sustainable gifts.

So how do we shift away from shopping for abundance and towards shopping for longevity and purposefulness this Christmas? By adopting a quality over quantity mindset. Here's our ultimate gift guide for a quality over quantity Christmas.

Quality Over Quantity: For Clothing & Accessory Gifting

Whether you are shopping online or in-store for clothes and accessories, you should always consider choosing slow fashion brands for high-quality, long-lasting gifts. This typically means avoiding the trendy chain enterprises (fast fashion) and instead choosing to shop at local shops and boutiques.

Characteristics of fast fashion clothing:

  • Low priced, trendy pieces
  • New collections that are continuously introduced
  • Low-quality materials (i.e. synthetic fibres)

Characteristics of slow fashion clothing:

  • Timeless pieces that don’t go out of style
  • Higher quality fabrics (i.e. natural fibres) that will last
  • Locally sourced and produced garments

At Bluey Merino, you can shop slow fashion pieces from our collection of high-quality, locally sourced and produced clothing. Check out a few of our products below that make great stocking stuffers for Christmas.

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Quality Over Quantity: For Experience & Lifestyle Gifting

Many quality over quantity Christmas shoppers have turned to buying lifestyle and experience gifts over materialistic gifts like electronics and toys. These gifts include anything that focuses on the things in life that really matter: human interaction, wellbeing, outdoor activity, and more. These are the kind of gifts you can give that will bring more happiness into your loved ones’ lives or create memories that last a lifetime. 

Examples of Experience & Lifestyle Gifts:

  • Memberships for national parks, museums, theme parks, etc.
  • Day trip experiences to attractions in your area 
  • Camping, hiking, or fishing excursions
  • Art, cooking, or other hobby classes
  • Tickets to a concert or sporting event
  • An overnight stay in a new city
  • Items that support healthy hobbies, sports, and lifestyles

Our Australian-based company produces top-quality merino wool products for bush walkers, mountain bikers, snowboarders, fishermen, and anyone else that loves to stay active. These are a few products that would make purposeful Christmas gifts for the outdoorsy person in your life.

Quality Over Quantity: For Eco-Friendly Gifting

A major benefit of shopping for quality over quantity this Christmas is the positive environmental impact it has. When you give an abundance of gifts from fast fashion brands, the gifts are going to become rubbish in just a year or so because of the quality of the fabric. And where do the clothes end up when they are tossed away? Into landfills where the synthetic fibre clothing then pollutes our ecosystems.

By shopping for experiences over clothing, you are eliminating the chance of your gifts impacting our environment in the future completely. By shopping for slow fashion pieces, whether for hobbies or just for fashion, you are also helping the environment since the items are more likely to stay in wardrobes and out of landfills. There are also plenty of other gifts you can make or buy for an eco-friendly Christmas.

Examples of eco-friendly gifts:

  • Slow fashion clothing, jewelry, accessories 
  • Experience and lifestyle gifts
  • Products/gift cards from businesses with a focus on sustainability
  • Homemade treats, candles, artwork, etc.
  • Clothing, games, books, etc. from op shops or upcycling brands

When we start focussing on quality over quantity this Christmas, we can slowly return to the true meaning of Christmas: creating stress-free memories with loved ones. Whether you choose to gift slow fashion clothing items, experiences, or healthy lifestyle items, you can do your part to create a more simplified, easy-going Christmas for you and your family.



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