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3 Reasons Why You Should Wear Wool This Summer
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3 Reasons Why You Should Wear Wool This Summer

We all know that wool clothing is a winter must-have, but don’t be so quick to store it all away as temperatures start to rise. As offbeat as it may sound, merino wool is actually one of the most comfortable and functional fabrics you can wear during the summer. Whether you are getting dressed for a run, or just lounging around the house, here’s why you should continue to wear lightweight merino wool through the summer.

1. Merino wool is lightweight and breathable.

Wool has a reputation of being a winter-only fabric that is heavy, thick, and itchy. When it comes to merino wool, this could be nothing further from the truth. Like silk and linen, merino wool is a beautiful natural fibre that is breezy, light, and super soft. This makes any lightweight merino wool garment ideal for summertime.

Unlike other fabrics, merino wool is also able to naturally release warmth as needed to regulate body temperature. So when you are on a hike and start to heat up, this heat will be transferred away from the body, keeping you cool. This is possible through the wool's unique crimped structure that allows air to move through the fabric more easily than it would through synthetic fabrics.

2. Merino wool is technically superior to synthetic, man-made fabrics.

Not only is merino wool lightweight and breathable, but it also has a range of other characteristics that make it superior to all other synthetic competitors.

Naturally fights odour: Merino wool’s antibacterial properties allow garments to be naturally odour resistant. As a result, merino wool clothing remains fresher for much longer and requires fewer washes, perfect for summer travels.

Wicks away moisture: Merino wool has the capacity to absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet to the touch. This ensures you remain comfortable and dry during physical activity.

Protects you from the sun: Merino wool protects your skin from harmful UV rays better than other summer fabrics, like cotton. These garments have a natural UPF of at least 50.

Is insanely comfortable: Our merino wool clothing offers next-to-skin comfort due to our superior on-farm fibre selection processes and a constant obsession with softness. 

3. Merino wool clothing lasts longer and doesn’t harm the environment.

Creating a summer wardrobe that lasts is both financially and environmentally smart. Clothing purchased at fast fashion stores lasts for only a year or two before signs of wear start to show, and they go out of fashion quickly. This clothing is also typically made from synthetic fibres (polyester, acrylic, rayon, nylon, lycra, etc.) which contains plastics and contributes to microplastic pollution.

With high quality, staple pieces in your closet instead, you can enjoy timeless clothing that you can wear for years. You will also be doing your part as a conscious consumer by buying clothing that is made up of natural fibres (wool, cotton, linen, silk, etc.) instead of the environmentally harmful synthetic fibres.

BE A LABEL TURNER. That little label on the inside of all your clothes has the power to help you make a difference to the microplastics problem. It’s as simple as saying no to synthetics."


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