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Our Quality Over Quantity Christmas Gifting Guide
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Our Quality Over Quantity Christmas Gifting Guide

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year again where we get to slow down and enjoy the company of our family and friends. But there’s one thing that also makes the holidays the most stressful time of the year: gifts. While gift giving is a fun and festive way to show our love and appreciation, it seems like every year the competition is amplified for who buys or who receives the most gifts, rather than meaningful and sustainable gifts.

So how do we shift away from shopping for abundance and towards shopping for longevity and purposefulness this Christmas? By adopting a quality over quantity mindset. Here’s our ultimate gift guide for a quality over quantity Christmas.

Quality Over Quantity: For Clothing & Accessory Gifting

Whether you are shopping online or in-store for clothes and accessories, you should always consider choosing slow fashion brands for high-quality, long-lasting gifts. This typically means avoiding the trendy chain enterprises (fast fashion) and instead choosing to shop at local shops and boutiques.

Characteristics of fast fashion clothing:

  • Low priced, trendy pieces
  • New collections that are continuously introduced
  • Low-quality materials (i.e. synthetic fibres)

Characteristics of slow fashion clothing:

  • Timeless pieces that don’t go out of style
  • Higher quality fabrics (i.e. natural fibres) that will last
  • Locally sourced and produced garments

At Bluey Merino, you can shop slow fashion pieces from our collection of high-quality, locally sourced and produced clothing. Check out a few of our products here that make great stocking stuffers for Christmas.



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