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The Bluey Jacket [Reborn] launches soon
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The Bluey Jacket [Reborn] launches soon

A world first comes to Bluey Merino customers

We often get asked why Bluey, what does this mean as a name and isn't this a bit strange?? Well we now think its time to start sharing a little more of what sits behind the name and its aspirations. Knowing the meaning behind the name will give you a new appreciation for the journey we are on as a small & innovative startup.

"Knowing the meaning, or origins of a name we think is important, especially one that is so intertwined with your country and its history. Connecting both heritage and its meaning allows a Brand to form and grow into the future."

A project we started over three (3) years ago is about to land and be commercialised for our Bluey Merino Customers. Its something very close to our core and links both our Australian heritage, culture and a garment that was always loved and revered by outdoor trades and farmers.
As we get ready to tell this story we did want our customers to know that its launch is coming in the first week of June 2019 with our online catalogue being updated so we can share with the story of the Bluey Jacket [Reborn] and launch a first of its kind Merino + Wool Puffer Vest.
Todate the ever popular Puffer Vest has been primarily made of a synthetic outer, sometimes a wool filler and rarely a wool lining. Our development now sandwiches two lightweight layers of 100% Merino Wool plus a 'puffed' layer of Wool (80%) and Polyester, design to trap heat as its gets generated from the body whilst also allowing a continuous regulation of body temperatures as you are actively working or adventuring outdoors.
Our founder Andrew Ross, believed if we were to truly get to a stage where our clothing did no harm to the environment we should be replacing each of these synthetic petroleum based layers with a natural, grown on grass, air and sunlight merino wool fabric. Many outdoor companies today will cloak you in layers of synthetics artificially engineered to replicate the natural performance attributes of Merino Wool. These garments do more harm than good for the planet and we should all consider a change.
"Natural fibres for every outdoor adventure can now challenge the traditional Puffer Vest market", says Bluey Merino Founder Andrew Ross"

At a recent interview shared on ABC Country Hour the Bluey Puffer Vests were shared Australia wide and created quite a storm in terms of interest. So not wanting to disappoint our loyal following we wanted to share that for regular customers looking to pre-order and secure one of these unique garments we recommend emailing us for your Puffer Vest Pre-Order



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