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Bluey Merino Co-Sponsors the Tassie Trail Fest
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Bluey Merino Co-Sponsors the Tassie Trail Fest

Bluey Merino is proud to be a sponsor of the Tassie Trail Fest, to be held on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of February this year at Derby, Tasmania.
Bluey Merino is expanding its partnership with Australian trail runners by sponsoring the Bluey Merino Multiday Ultra Madness event at the Tassie Trail Fest this year.


The event attracts the boldest of runners, as they seek to conquer 100km of trail over three days. The dauntless athletes that enter this "mad and bad" event will run the Dash for Cash, 16km Marathon (day and night) and Blue Tier Half as part of the course.


Bluey Merino's adventurous spirit and endeavour to support enterprising outdoor groups is perfectly matched to the audacious event.


However, a range of options exist for less advanced (or reckless) runners, who are welcome to "pick and mix" their preferred distances by entering in single events held across the three days. Regardless of your chosen intensity level, our ultralight Bluey Merino base layers will provide runners with most comfortable, breathable and adaptable head-start possible.


The opportunity to showcase selected Australian Merino growers, each of which has been certified ethical according leading global consumer standards, also influenced the decision to become a sponsor. Cool-climate Superfine Merino is widely considered the best wool fibre in the world, with international markets scrambling to obtain the luxurious commodity. By connecting consumers directly with local wool growers, Bluey Merino seeks to enrich the buying experience for customers through connecting them directly with the story of local growers. The business model also increases personal satisfaction for wool growers as their wool is used to support outdoor sporting groups.


The updated MyOrigins platform allows consumers to track their garments directly to the farm of origin, simply by scanning a QR code on the garment's care label or swing tag. Consumers are introduced to the grower by way of a short video or blog article. The total experience is perfect for runners seeking to move towards sustainable, natural and ethical clothing – without compromising on performance.


Runners that participate in the Bluey Merino Multiday Ultra Madness event are encouraged to submit their photos to be featured on the Bluey Merino blog and social channels by emailing or tagging @blueymerino on Instagram or Twitter.

Find out more about the Tassie Trail Fest or Shop our Base layer to enhance your running wardrobe.
*Delivery time is subject to current stock levels and order date. If you are ordering for the Tassie Trail Fest, please let us know by that you are seeking to have your garment arrive before your departure date. You can reach us at or via our Live Chat window.



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