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Bluey Brand Ambassador: Amy Lamprecht
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Bluey Brand Ambassador: Amy Lamprecht

Our brand ambassador, Amy Lamprecht, is an Australian ultra-marathon champion and co-owner of Ultrain and UltraChix coaching in Tasmania. Find out more about this Living Lab Legend below.
What's your favourite sport / activity (you can list a few)?
Anything out doors! Trail running in particular and, when time and weather are on my side, hiking, cycling, paddelling and swimming are also sports that I enjoy.
Are you a pro or experienced amateur?
I’m an experienced amateur.
So, what's your day job?
I co-own ULTRAIN and UltraChix alongside my partner, Johnno. We run events, personal training, running tours etc. Pretty much all things running and trails. I also work a few day per week in a local café.
What's your favourite or most recent adventure?
Recently, Johnno and I took a trip to Meander Valley (Midlands, Tasmania) just to explore. We managed to make and find some new trails, climb to a peak we’d never been on before (and still don't know which one it was!), saw a stunning view and even some snow. We just made it back before dark! I absolutely love exploring Tasmania – this was my perfect day.
What's your next planned adventure or your ultimate dream adventure?
I’ve always got so many adventures planned. Probably my biggest for this year (hopefully) will be running the Tasmanian Trail. It's about 450 kilometres running from the North to the South of Tasmania. I think this might take about five or six days.
What is the best way to wear Bluey Merino in your sport or lifestyle?
I do love to wear my Bluey Merino, They are by far the most used garments in my wardrobe. During winter, I find layering works best as the weather here is constantly changing. I’ll start with a Merino tank, then add a Merino short-sleeve tee, followed by a Merino long-sleeve tee and usually a wet weather or windproof jacket over the top. I always find on a full day trip that I’ll start fully-layered, might be in a tank by midday and then I'm fully layered again by late afternoon. In summer, the Bluey tank is perfect. I also often race in this tank, as I find it really lightweight and it dries so quickly. Plus, it looks nice in the race pictures!
 Ultrain provides coaching, training and support from beginner 5km park runs to professional ultra-marathons. Find out more on the Facebook page or website. You can also follow Amy on Insta @ultrain_runners and @ultrachix.



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