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Luke Hooke's Year of Wool & Bluey Basics: Socks, Jocks and Tees
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Luke Hooke's Year of Wool & Bluey Basics: Socks, Jocks and Tees

Year of Wool ambassador, Luke Hooke, writes about essential Merino items you can add to your wardrobe.
For almost a year I’ve been wearing only wool and wool blend clothing in an effort to promote and learn more about the wonderful fibre that is wool. Bluey Merino were kind enough to support my project, providing some items of clothing for me to test out.
It was great to wear some Bluey Merino gear not only because the items performed really well but I appreciate the care that is put into Bluey products, the emphasis placed on traceability and that their products are made in Australia from Australian wool.
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Merino Socks, For Durability & Odour-Resistance 
When I was a kid I judged the quality of a sock by how well it would allow me to slide along Mum’s kitchen floor boards. Though, I seem to have gained some sensibilities through adulthood, instead judging a sock by how it feels after a day at work and how long it lasts (how boring).
Wool socks haven’t disappointed my new found sensibilities. Wool stands up in the short-term, handling the wear, sweat and odour the average day throws up, and in the long-term, lasting more than 12 months before the heel and toe become visible through the sock.
Just like sheep, wool socks come in all different colours and shapes, and for different purposes. I’ve tried a lot of socks in the last year for a lot of different purposes and I’ve been impressed with their performance.
I took some of Bluey Merino’s hiking socks on a trip to Wilson’s Promontory in 2017. When you’re doing overnight hikes you’re trying to pack as little as possible so you want items of clothing that you can re-use, can handle getting wet, dry fast and handle odour. I just hung my Bluey socks out to air overnight and I could wear them day after day.
Woollen Jocks, All Year Round
Cue jokes about wool being itchy! I’ve been wearing wool jocks for almost a year and I can tell you, they’re certainly not itchy.
Wool jocks have been one of my favorite discoveries. Not only are the wool underwear comfortable but wool breathes really well so I have found wool underwear perform better than cotton and synthetic alternatives.
With consumers increasingly comfortable wearing ‘next to skin’ wool products I think we are going to see a lot more people wearing wool jocks!
Woollen tees, less washing, more action
My favorite thing about woollen t-shirts is being able to wear them over and over again. I used to find my cotton t-shirts would quickly get smelly and this would get worse over time despite washing. But not wool. I wear my Bluey Merino tees running, riding to work and casually. Even after a tough workout these can just be hung up to air and worn again the next day.
We are so used to washing our clothes after every wear that it takes some time to get used to caring for wool items but it means a lot less washing and longer lasting products.
That is what I love about wool. It’s sustainable fashion in so many ways. From the production of the wool to the care of the garment, wearing wool you’re limiting your environmental footprint in a number of ways.
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You can read more about Luke's Year of Wool here or you can follow Luke on Instagram or Facebook.
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