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Working Outdoors

Working Outdoors requires both a functional and durable product. We design outdoor clothing built for the Aussie conditions that are fit for purpose, long-lasting and meet our sustainability goals. Our Australian Made ethos ensures our garments are suitable to perform in deep cold, high humidity and exceedingly dry conditions.

Australian grown Superfine Merino is your perfect partner to keep you cool, warm and comfortable whilst working outdoors everyday.

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Our Outdoor range is designed with a functional purpose in mind; engineered to perform well in the changing Australian conditions whilst being built to last. We use innovative blends to create fabrics that breathe, maintain warmth and keep you dry.

In extreme outdoor working conditions maintaining movement and flexibility whilst not overheating is achieved through wearing lightweight base layers and weather resistant outerlayers.

Working Outdoors Tip: Choose functional base layers for your working conditions and then add protection for points of continuous wear and severe weather conditions.