Camping, Hiking & Trekking - Merino Wool Clothing

Wearing Merino wool base layers on your next hiking, trekking or camping adventure enables you to layer or de-layer according to the conditions and when your body temperature warms up.

With the added benefits of staying comfortable for days at the same time managing moisture build-up and all those unwanted odours, are some of the natural performance benefits of Australian Merino wool, without any additional chemicals or unnecessary synthetics.

Naturally-grown Merino wool worn in nature’s backyard.

Just feels right to us.

merino wool hiking clothing





Shop here for all of your Australia Merino base layers, midlayers, outerwear and accessories. Australian Made and sourced direct from the farm.

Experience the natural breathability and wicking performance of our ultra-light layers as excess moisture is converted to vapour and moved away from the skin, ensuring you remain comfortable and dry even with extreme activity.

In extreme conditions keeping the body temperature warm whilst maintaining movement is one of the benefits of our lightweight Merino wool base layers.

Outdoor Tip: Choose either an ultra-light 120gsm or an everyday 150-160gsm layer as your starting point. Match your next layers to create a comfortable and versatile layering system.