Australian Origins

Founded in the sheep yards of our family farm in Guyra – NSW. Bluey Merino was born out of a simple question: ‘What happens to our wool’ when it leaves the farm? Australia has the highest quality premium wool in the world, yet most is exported offshore instead of being made into products locally. As an innovative brand, our passion is to promote local manufacturing to create demand for new jobs locally. At a time when most outdoor brands moved their manufacturing offshore, Bluey resisted cheap labour markets and continued to make locally. As a result, we regularly experience challenges, but the struggle is worth it. We are proud to be an Australian made and owned brand.

merino wool activewear

Our Commitments

When you purchase Bluey Merino, you help the Australian economy, this means that your money stays local. Bluey Merino handpicks farmers who prioritise the wellbeing of their sheep. Your purchase also helps us support Australian wool growers committed to ethical production practices.

This is only the beginning; with your support, we aspire to continue to innovate toward creating Australian-made products using advanced manufacturing technologies. So, thank you for considering us; hopefully, you will become part of our loyal flock.

Quality over Quantity

Bluey Merino is a natural fibre company. When you buy Bluey Merino, you help protect the environment. Merino wool is naturally sustainable. Its fibre breaks down and therefore does not pollute as synthetic fibres do. Merino garments are durable, when cared for appropriately, each garment can last for years and years! Buying Bluey Merino is an investment in your wellbeing and that of the planet.

Wearing Bluey Merino feels great. It is super soft, ultralight, flexible and breathable. Merino garments are ideal for layering when travelling, being active or just going about everyday activities. Whatever your needs, our collection ranges from essential merino such as socks, underwear, leggings, singlets and base layers to everyday wear such as dresses, urban t-shirts, and hoodies. For extra warmth, try our outdoor jackets, beanies, scarfs, and gloves. As you can see, we have you covered!