Australian Origins

Like many dreams, ours started humbly. From the sheep yards of the family farm back in 2012, we had a dream to see our family-grown superfine merino wool transformed into a range of high quality apparel – the softest next-to-skin wear possible for active, outdoor and everyday lifestyle.

So you might wonder what makes our story different from any other merino wool apparel brand? The difference is that we are more than just invested in the Australian merino wool industry. Merino wool has been in our family’s history for more than two generations. It’s personal.

Bluey is the result of a conversation between father and son. The idea came from the realisation that Australia had lost touch with their most important asset. Since we have been working tirelessly to gain back what always belonged to us. Help us bring the Australian merino wool industry back home.

merino wool activewear

Our Commitments

Founded originally in the sheep yards at the family farm based in Guyra NSW, with our home base in the Southern Highlands, NSW. Still 100% Australian Owned and authentically Made in Australia. We proudly produce garments close to the fibre’s source, invest in our growers and support local manufacturing. We actively encourage ethical production, sustainable business practices and offer our community complete traceability of every garment. Not just a single batch, but every batch of greasy wool we buy is traceable back to its original source. Learn More

Quality over Quantity

As part of our extended community, we strive to equip and empower you to live life’s adventures with the assurance that our products will meet your every test and trial with the right functional and technical performance. Your active, travel and adventure lifestyle needs drive our focus on innovation, development and production of purposeful garments. We only make for a specific set of needs, we are not a fashion apparel brand continuously driven by a need for the next new design, patterns or colours. We are about functional and technical performance – wearing the right gear for the environment you are venturing into.  Simply put, we believe that “where our story ends, yours is just beginning”. We’ve done the hard work in sourcing the right functional fibres and transforming them into the softest, most functional and durable clothing, so that you can enjoy your every adventure with total comfort. Learn more