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Clothing for a natural world

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Made for outdoor people. Gear that welcomes wilderness

Australian made, single-sourced, long-lasting, sustainable and ethical.

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Australian Made is where it starts

Connecting farm to finished product for making merino wool apparel completely contradicts the more common industry approach, where premium Australian merino wool is exported and rarely seen until it returns from China or Italy as a finished product. Innovation, new products, and value gets created elsewhere.

Getting our yarns knitted and dyed here in Australia before finishing fabrics and making our garments remains core to our brand. This connects growers, production
processes, and you with final products that support your outdoor passions.

However, making here in Australia is not without its difficulties. Finding expertise, managing lead times, and acquiring the right machinery can be an uphill challenge. But for Bluey Merino, this is the area of greatest opportunity to make some of the softest merino outdoor gear you have ever experienced.

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Curated collections for hikers, outdoor adventurers & globe-trotters; plus 100% merino pieces that cater to the sustainability-minded, free of synthetics!

Exceptionally soft

The wool we use to create Bluey’s premium range is sourced directly from the shed of Aussie farmers. We do not blend with lesser quality merino wool, so our garments are exceptionally soft!