Why choose Merino?

Merino wool is the superhero of natural fibres. It keeps you cool when you are hot and warm when you are cold. It is a natural odour fighter and moisture manager. It is also a UV protector and Fire resistant. But mostly, it is super soft, ultra-light and super easy to care for.


Merino wool is naturally odour-resistant and antibacterial. Choosing Merino all year round is the easiest way to avoid unwanted odours generated during physical exercise and activities. As a traveller, there is no better companion than a lightweight 100% Australian Merino wool garment.


Merino fibre draws moisture away from the body and transforms sweat into vapour, meaning you stay dry, comfortable and chafe-free for longer during physical activities. Merino wool has the capacity to absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture ensuring that even during the most intense activities you remain comfortable and dry.


Merino is safe to wear near open fires (hello, campfire) and is highly resistant to combustion. For occupations and outdoor adventurers where being protected and safe from the perils of fire, look no further than lightweight 100% Australian Merino base layers.


Merino wool is a naturally high UV protector (50+ wow) and doesn’t leave your skin greasy. Super lightweight merino or merino blends when worn in high UV environments offer terrific natural protection.


Our Superfine Merino offers incredible next-to-skin comfort because of our superior on-farm fibre selection processes and a constant obsession with softness. We produce some of the world’s softest next-to-skin fabrics in the elite performance range, verifiable for comfort by the AWTA Comfortmeter.


Simply drop your clothes into the washing machine on a gentle and fast-drying cycle. Hang on the clothesline or lay flat to dry and watch those colours come to life.