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Our doors remain open, supporting our Customers
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Our doors remain open, supporting our Customers

Image: Workers wait to use the ‘inhalatorium’ at Kodak’s Melbourne factory in 1919. Steam carrying sulphate of zinc solution was sprayed on to their faces twice a day in an effort to ‘disinfect’ their throats and air passages. Photograph: Museum Victoria, 1919

Taking precautions to isolate and protect our Customers

Unlike the Spanish Flu of the 1918-1919's  where precautionary measures were very direct. The steps we are taking at Bluey Merino although not as invasive, are protecting both our staff and customers through our social distancing measures.
We ceased attending all outdoor events in 2020. We have opted for a 'digital only model' that ensures continued
availability of our Australian Made Merino products and delivery using contactless options, provided by our courier company partners. During this time of reduced services and a major increase in eCommerce transactions our Australia Post services may be impacted by delays and changes to delivery options.

Why Natural Fibres are the best

With many of us adopting social distancing practices and reducing our movements away from the home. We have found that many of us needed to update our wardrobes in exchange for lightweight comfort and functionality. Wearing Australian Superfine Merino t-shirts, base layershoodies and socks has proven to be a winner not only for their warmth, but also reducing the size of the family wash. One major byproduct was reducing those unnecessary odours that come from both working and living in the same place over many weeks at a time.

Covid19 has altered many aspects of our working lives, whilst also allowing us to have greater and sometimes simpler choices for what we wear everyday. Choosing locally made Australian Grown Superfine Merino has never been more suited to a life packed with Zoom meetings and remote working at home.

Working remotely everyday

If you, like the team at Bluey Merino choose to keep safe and continue to work remotely. We are only ever an email, chat or social post away.
Contact us directly via or drop us a note online via our Live Chat feature on our website.



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